Fortigate recursive dns

Aug 31, 2017 · IPv6 Router Advertisement options for DNS enhanced with recursive DNS server option (399406) This feature is based on RFC 6106 and it adds the ability to obtain DNS search list options from upstream DHCPv6 servers and the ability to send them out through either Router Advertisement or FortiGate’s DHCP server.

The second answer was to prove the scalability of three specific components to provide fast, secure, recursive DNS with the ability to grow or contract as needed. The other main question that I received was what my regular DNS scenario was or if the use case was it.

Nov 12, 2014 · I'm using the fortigate as an external resolver; though the system is too small for me to cache on it. Set your user DNS to point to your Windows server. Set the DNS on your Windows server to point to the Fortigate, and configure forwarding in DNS. Set the DNS on the Fortigate to point to your external DNS Server. Create new Vlan on firewall/switch for the DNS Network. Configure recursive DNS server on the Fortigate for both the Internal and DNS Vlan interfaces. Configured a non-authoritative, slave DNS zone for the internal domain and configured the Windows DC/DNS server to update the firewall dns database.

The interface mode is recursive so that, if the request cannot be fulfilled, the external DNS servers will be queried. To configure FortiGate as a master DNS server in the GUI: Go to Network > DNS Servers . Hi All, Does Fortigate support recursive DNS?,correct me if I'm wrong, based on my testing Fortigate only assigned same systems DNS or interface (DHCP) like other other firewall brand. At this moment I have a client which using pfSense as their primary firewall and DHCP server assigned cli... You can apply a DNS Filter profile to Recursive Mode and Forward to System DNS Mode. This is the same as FortiGate working as a transparent DNS Proxy for DNS relay traffic. To configure DNS Service on FortiGate using GUI: Go to Network > DNS Servers. In the DNS Service on Interface, click Create New and select an Interface. The Recursive and Non-Recursive Mode is available only after you configure the DNS database. On a FortiGate unit, enable DNS databases, create an internal DNS database with the IPs/names/URLs of internal sites, and enable the DNS server on the FortiGate internal interface. Configure the internal network to use the FortiGate internal interface as the authoritative DNS server.